About this site


PreHistoric Days

FloppyJay's history stems all the way down to an older website, not even titled FloppyJay, and really not too much alike to the FloppyJay we have all come to know and love. In 2012, I found a webhost titled "Geocities.ws", which was a duel geocities-archive-and-webhost. I quickly whipped up a batch of the nostalgia stew and began to create a site titled "JJWeb". There was not too much content besides a Taco Bell Chihuahua fanpage (Yo Quiero taco bell) that ripped all content besides modified text from the 1997 web archive of Taco Bell and an unfinished html-based quest game titled "Stanley Kubrick's Library", which featured many traps and terrors from the director of the 1980 horror film, "The Shining". A week or so later, I deleted everything. No trace of JJWeb can be found. A couple of years later birthed the new reincarnation of my 90s nostalgic websites, titled "The Heisenberg Community" (named not after the German scientist, but rather the character from the popular television series "Breaking Bad"), and later renamed "Heisenberg Web". Heisenberg Web barely featured anything worthy of mentioning, besides a couple of terribly written articles ridiculing pop culture, and a small Horror Gif section, which has been revived, but in a different, much larger form. The unpopularity of the Geocities.WS webhost, and the effortless, minimal content had led the site to gain no attention from any source. I stopped working on it for months, and eventually abandoned it.


Modern History

If you feel that this header makes no sense, I sort of do as well. Anyways, I felt the need to create a new website, that was quite enjoyable. The planning of the site had started instantly, to ensure the site was perfect. Then came the lookout for a better webhost. I searched for a comparison of webhosts to see which one would be the most comfortable to work with. When the name "Neocities" showed up, there was an instant urge to check if it is what I am thinking it is. My excitement had gone incredibly high. I could not believe I didn't find this site before. As soon as possible, the process of generating my site with Microsoft Frontpage 2002 was in place. About an hour later, it was published as FloppyJay. For nearly a month, this site was a source of horrid design, and stolen graphics (which is not really a problem if you are taking images from old Angelfire sites which have likely took the image from another site, which took the mage from another site). The site was totally different from what it is now.. If you really want to see the old site, it's actually available here. After completing TerrorMoose, I began to sit down and start making the site have higher value. I followed the footsteps of a very longtime favorite website I had constantly visited years and years ago titled "Caverns Of Blood". What that site featured 20 years ago is very similar to the stuff featured in this website today, but with differences of course, mainly being that this site is not a year-round horror/Halloween enthusiasm website, but the similarities being that the site generated Original Graphics for users who are in need of quality graphics, provided entertaining games, and possibly some more similarities I had forgot to list. The Modern FloppyJay had been born!

Site Info

This site was made on a Dell Latitude D6420 running Windows 7 with a Intel Core i7-2620M chip that clocks at 2.7GHz and 8GB Ram. The site was designed mainly with Microsoft FrontPage 2002, just to get some elements in the right places. All images and gifs were processed with Gimp 2.8. Most 3D gifs were made on a Windows 98 SE Virtual Machine on a program titled Simply 3D, by Micrograpfx.