The SpookyJay WebJam - Win the Halloween Website Award!

Let's Get Spooky!

It's now October, the leaves are changing color, and Halloween is only weeks away! That's enough time to get into the spirit, and make the COOLEST halloween site ever! Any site scary, spooky, haunting, and in the halloween spirit can enter the contest.

How do you join you might be asking?

Extremely simple! Just comment your halloween oriented website, which must be created with a new Neocities account made in October or a WorldWildWeb account, onto this profile, and on your website, link the SpookyJay's WebJam Competitor trophy image to this page (found at the bottom of this page).

Oh, you wanna hear about the Awards?

The Popular Choice award will be given to whoever has the most likes on the neocities profile, and the SpookyJay's Choice is the site I think deserves the most credit. No matter what, all sites will be linked on this page, and you can get the SpookyJay's WebJam Competitor trophy. Go ahead and grab it below, put it on your site, and link to this page.

I need some ideas.

Look around online, there are some creepy sites here , here and here , or you can make a visual gif and audio collage using gifs and music from the Horror Gif Necronomicon, or even something more 'modern', but really scary! Just have fun with it, and let the cool winds motivate you to make a Halloween Website for SpookyJay's WebSiteJam!
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