What is a Choco-monster?: A species of monster (monsterus ponsterus) that is known to be madce out of solid chocolate, and is often confused with Dirt Monsters

How to spot the difference: You could take a bit out of it's arm and see if it's a dirt monster of a choco by taste. If it tastes like dirt, it's a dirty dirty dirt monster. If the substance and flavor chocolate, then you're good, until he/she smashes your head in.

How to kill it without dying: You have to feed it this serum called "Super Duper Rattatatat poison" This can either be injected, or thrown at it.

An image of the poison

How to catch a choco-monster and keep it as a pet: You must yell "BooBooBoo" and he will laugh and possibly punch you, or be your friend. It's unpredictable and there's no way to choose which side.

I hope this page provided accurate information for scientific research and other fun stiff for losers.