The Tunes of Outré page was created to showcase odd and obscure songs without an artist connected to them. As time passes, this page will receive updates with more strange songs by Unknown Artists.



Today's "Song" is called "Spells/3" by an Unknown Artist, found on a Floppy Disk in my city's local dumpster right next to two rats eating a pasta dinner. A text file was included next to it, stating:

"99.6, slow it ; hear the tricks!"

That's all for now! If you believe to have found a extreme rare tune that is worthy of being featured on this page, you may send an email HERE if the track meets the following requirements:

1. It was found in a junkyard, at a garage sale, in a dumpster, in a box of unmarked cassettes,

or in a collection of unmarked floppy discs.

2. The artist of the song was never known, and that means by anyone.

3. The song is rather odd, abnormal, creative, or a piece of absolute trash.