This gif of the week was inspired by what I'll be doing this week: Camping. Besides that, I've been working very hard on some new features for the website that should be coming mid to late September. They're especially spooky and fun, and will definitely be enjoyable.


Another Gif of the Week made for you all, and the links section has been updated, adding 88x31 buttons for sites that have one, as well as a few new links too.


New Gif of the Week added, as well as the return of FloppyJay's Guestbook. Some updates to the older pages were done too


First FloppyJay update ever released in an August of any year (I think), and first update to be logged on this page. The site's style has been "purple-ized", and more suited to the futuristic title of FloppyJay3000. 6 new gifs can be found around the site, and some of the ole' still images have been modified to look better. The links page has been redesigned, so many links have been added, changed, or removed! Also, the preparation of a new game for the site has begun, as well as an update to the I See Reapers game that fixes many bugs.