Words from the Flop

5/21/18 A long awaited update, and a look into the future

Woah! Yes, you are seeing this correctly, an update after several months of inactivity and no weekly animations. This uncalled for hiatus occured due to my acquisition of a job, plus school, which already took up lots o' time. Another great Neocities site that had recently been inactive has posted a new update as well, visit Gwtagacu to see their neat new update! I have been planning for an update for quite a bit, getting a lot of new links added and maybe a new game. As such, I have added a great number of new links to sites I have stumbled upon across the ever-growing Neocities community that I thought were quite awesome.

As for the game, I've made a strange prototype of a game I called "Galaxy Gardener" a bit ago that may be released one soon. More intense updates I cannot promise until the middle of June, when I am done with school, so the game may be coming around that time. This update, was in fact made entirely at my school upon the realization that even if I get all Fs this last quarter, I'd still pass this year, so I brought my whole website workstation with me and am typing this in class.

Oh, there has also been a new weekly gif of a Happy Brown Salamander. Hope this one is enjoyed as much as I did making it. That should be all for this week, but later this year, there will be that major update to the Gif Necronomicon, which I plan on making a background section, borders section, and sound effects section as well. Along those lines, recently I've worked on my members page for the Vampire Club, but it is not yet complete. Signing off now -FloppyJay

2/10/18 February 2018

Another update from FloppyJay has come! "What is a FloppyJay?" all of you might ask. Well, it was essentially the combo of floppy discs and blue jays, which used to be the site's mascots, until blue jays became more rare around the site. J is the first letter of my actual name, which can be accredited to the choice I made. An original name for the site was "GorillaJay Online" because I think monkeys and gorillas are awesome.

I know I haven't updated in a long while, it was just one of those usual lapses in updates caused by interfering events. I've noticed lots of cool new sites are coming to neocities such as The Vampire Club which has lots of content about vampires in movies, the stories of vampires, and much more, just visit the site, possibly get bitten and become a member. There's also much more great sites, which I've added to the links page such as cavernscalledhome, Skeletonnnn, The Crow Cult and so much more to be explored and added soon.

That's the end of today's small update, enjoy the scary gif of the week inspired by this article.

1/20/18 100 followers!

This site over the course of it's three years in existence has now reached 100 followers. Triple Digits! This site couldn't have achieved that many without the support of the Neocities community, so a big round of applause for all of you who linked to this site, played the games, used the gifs, and all other forms of support! Special thanks to the 100th follower, The Great Radar Oven, which is a site by a self-proclaimed computer nerd and Linux user which contains lots of useful computer information if you're a Linux user and other fun little unrelated bits. For those of you reading, keep on the wonderful support, and we can keep having lots of fun on Neocities.

I have been busy lately, unfortunately was sick yesterday and couldn't make this update earlier. I also had bigger plans for the 100th follower update, but it came sooner than I thought it would. I was about to make a StickGoblins Arcade prerelease, but it is only nearly alpha according to the strict set of goals I made before deciding to even release a development build. There were technically two gifs of the week if you count the celebratory spinning gilded floppydisc. The primary gif is two skeletons running into each other, which was made by capturing a flash skeleton framework simulator. I found it quite a long time ago, I honestly think in 2007, but it inspired me along with my lifelong skeleton obsession.

Secretly, I have also been working a major update to the horror gif necronomicon, involving lots of new gifs, and a gateway to "HorrorWorld", a purgatory of gifs the user can travel around. The project is essentially a memorial of a long lost website that I greatly enjoyed in the times of it's existence called Carolines Horrorgifs. Well, it's about time for me to say goodbye for tonight, but you can definitely expect some new features soon I have been thinking of, and quite possibly an alpha release of StickGoblins.

1/8/18 Calling all cyber musicians!

Simply, if you would like to be a part of this new project, or have any questions about it, just send me a Discord message here at my username "floppyjay#4872". The project, while not quite thought out yet because I want all potential collaborators to have a say in it's development,
the project is to make a cyber EP about our mundane lives, the domination of the internet in our culture, the ignorance towards what is and isn't fact using all the resources/instruments we have to create music together cities away, possibly over countries if any of you potential collaborators are outside the U.S (Yes, FloppyJay is from the U.S).

I don't want to get too in depth in this post about the project, but if you're interested and have a question, please Discord me, and if you don't want to use Discord, contact me somehow suggest an alternative.

Also, a gif of the week has been added, of a Skull Guitar because I was thinking about the collaborative music project before making it. I did a very small new years update last week too that fixed false positives for malware on all the games, and forgot to tell everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR, but it's been 8 days, which is 8 days too late that expression. That's about it, so have a good week, and I hope you potential collaborators (there's that phrase again!) contact me to create something fantastic that we can post on Neocities and to the world!

12/29/17 ColorVert

I've finally added a new game to the site. This one was a project I originally only released for Android under my newly created mobile game "company" called Plinki. The game was simple enough to directly port to HTML5, and it's free to play here.

As for a decription of ColorVert, I'll copy what I wrote for the Google Play Store:

"Match the color, swap the color, invert the color, it's all here in ColorVert! You are a ball of color, and your goal of this vertically-scrolling arcade game is to get as many points as possible without mismatching and exploding. You also can collect power ups which make all colors on screen the same, or swap all colors. Don't go mad trying to hit 1000, but we aren't the boss of you, so give it a shot!"

Play Here

Of course, as per usual, a Gif of the Week has been added, inspired by a pastrami and provolone sandwich I had just before it's creation. I apologize for not updating earlier in the week, I was busy with family celebrations of the holidays that had just passed. And now New Years is coming up, another year of FloppyJay and another year of fun on the web. I hope all of you reading this enjoy this New Years and I hope you enjoy the new game!

12/17/17 A long awaited, simple update

FloppyJay has been updated today! It's one of the simple ones, nothing like the SpookyJay update last October (which shall return, yet greater next year). Rather than making an animated gif of the week like I have for the past few years, I've decided to drop a simple, elegant snow background. Feel free to use it on any page in the world that fits.

Also, I have resumed development of StickGoblins Arcade. The game definitely won't be finished anytime soon, but I can say that it has a chance of being released as an Alpha build once I add the rest of the key features I'm targeting.

Well, that's enough for today, just a simple FloppyJay update for all of you great followers and supporters. I would definitely like to thank Exosilver for nominating this site as one of their top Neocities sites of 2017, it truly means a lot. I've noticed my follower count is almost at the big 100, expect a nice update when that happens as a reward for the support from everyone. The Flop is out!

12/2/17 It's December!

Horray for December! A new month, a new beginning I feel. This month, there shall definitely be a new game added to FloppyJay. I was working on the Stick Goblins Arcade, but I have had a bit of trouble finding motivation to work on it. It was pretty much a combination between the games Nuclear Throne and Black Ops Zombies. I have plenty of game ideas anyways, just need to pick a favorite.

Originally, Spookout wasn't going to be the only game released in October. I planned to make a halloween version of The Flop's Huntin' Trip with added features like new weapons and more challenging enemies and levels. The idea of an updated Huntin' Trip is older than that though, there's a prototype I made in mid-2016 of a version called "Ducks from Hell", unfortunately never finished. No matter what, I plan to add a new game this month.

Also, as usual, a new Gif of the Week has been added, this one is sure to inspire holiday cheer. Along with that, I updated the links section again, and added a new button on the frontpage linking to the non-profit Fight for the Future. The organization works towards keeping the internet as amazing as it is today in terms of the nearly unlimited freedoms we have. As a U.S citizen, I am a bit concerned for the safety of the internet with the threat of it being sold out to the telecom industry, and this organization (who is tied in with the Battle for the Net) seeks to defend Net Neutrality as well as protecting our other internet rights. That is all for today's update, have a good weekend!

11/21/17 Just another FloppyJay update

It's a fashionably late update from FloppyJay, with a new gif and several new links. Yes, there is a new Gif of the Week today, a simple peanut being cracked open. Another idea was Santa smoking a joint, suggested by my brother, but it isn't yet that time of the year.

There isn't much more to say about what was done to the site today, I didn't allocate a lot of time into the site this week so the update is lackluster compared to some previous ones, but that's not to say that the peanut and the links arent awesome! Check out the links page.

11/10/17 New Homepage Design

Alright, we've got ourselves a new homepage design at the FloppyJay3000 HQ. With that also comes this page, which will pretty much replace the updates page, but other random content I'll put here sometimes to feature on the homepage. Let's say I hear the worst joke in the world. I just might put it on this page, and it'll be featured for awhile.

Any new games and stuff too will be featured here. Speaking of, I'm brewing up a game for this site, called StickGoblins arcade. With time and encouragement, this project will be online soon! Anyways, enough smalltalk for today, The Flop is Out!